The main EVOLSAR’s objective is to provide assistance anywhere in the EU, the Euro Zone and the adjoining territorial sea. EVOLSAR teams may also deploy outside the EU when and as requested by the competent authorities of the affected region. The nature of such deployment and the operational details are determined by EVOLSAR’s Executive Committee, a body where all member countries are well represented.

EVOLSAR is willing, and seeks, to work with any other entity and organisation with similar beliefs and objectives. Therefore, it is part of EVOLSAR’s objectives and interests to provide for a multilingual element such that it can cater for various languages. Currently, it is already capable of achieving a high level of communication among five (5) different countries: Malta, Italy, Greece, Cyprus & Portugal.

EVOLSAR is committed to conduct annual training for its members in various rescue modules, with the objective of combining individual efforts in effective teamwork for the service of the population in need. Its member teams are committed to provide regular training to their operational volunteers to maintain the required level of knowledge and skills, to be able to perform in given situations.

All members, including K9, forming part of a EVOLSAR deployment, must be sufficiently trained to a level as accepted by international accreditation organisations such as INSARAG. However, EVOLSAR will also establish its own accreditation committee, referred to as EVOLSAR’s Assessment Committee which will be authorized to assess individual team members, member teams and instructors. EVOLSAR will be working with the constituted authorities to ensure that such accreditation becomes recognizable and is acknowledged at the EU and international platforms.