Europe has, for many years, had its share of Volunteer teams operating in the field of Rescue and Civil Protection. These teams have practised various disciplines coming from different schools of thought which, although effective and proven, they have not been standardized. The standardization of this training and the interoperability among teams is particularly essential when these meet for training or to render their services in the aftermath of a major incident.

For this purpose, it is the time when an organization is set up where:
o Various Volunteer teams from EU member states can join. Only one team from each country can join as a full member, and this team will be the lead group for that country. However, at the discretion of the lead team other teams may join as affiliates.

o All of the Association’s members will meet once a year for joint training operations. This training will be organized on a rotational basis in each of the member team’s country. This operational gathering should be held between the months of April and June. Each team should be represented by a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of eight (8) operational volunteers.

o Key personnel from each member team are to meet once a year to discuss the following year’s training exercise. This should ideally be held in the country hosting the next training operation. Such organisational meeting should be held in the months of October or November.