epomea_elladosOn the 23rd of April, 1999, the Selective Scout Group Missions Chortiati was established.  After 4 years, the group developed into a larger organization that went by the name of Elite Special Operations (Municipality of Thessaloniki).  In 2005, this organization was registered in the General Secretariat for Civil Protection Registry as 16/2005.  Eventually, other similar ‘Elite groups’ began developing in other municipalities across Greece, with the main two groups remaining those of Thessaloniki and Aigaleo.

A number of members elected from the groups of Thessaloniki and Aigaleo, form the committee responsible for Greek Operations as well as another committee, EP.OM.E.A (Greece), which is responsible for the organizational education strategy and the ruling of the different groups.

To this date, the Elite Special Operations organization has participated in a number of preventive measures deployment as well as in emergency situations.  It also takes part in social , cultural and sporting events which involve mass groups of the population, where back up assistance is deemed necessary.  Members are continuously trained in various disciplines, such as First Aid, Mountain Rescue, Water rescue, Telecommunications, Canine – USAR (rescue dogs), Earthquake USAR, Fire fighting, Humanitarian Aid, and in cases of other emergency situations.

Today, the number of enrolled members within the various Elite Special Operations groups across Greece adds up to more than one thousand (1000).  Some of these members are actively involved in the education of citizens, youths and school teachers in seminars which are held regularly and voluntarily, as part of the organisation’s community assistance and education.

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