EPSThe Escola Portuguesa de Salvamento (EPS) is a non-governmental organisation which has been founded in 2011.  The concept was born when the current EPS Director, Francisco Rocha, attended for training as an International Rescue Instructor at Rescue 3 (UK).  Jon Gromen, the President of the accreditation body, Rescue3 EUROPE, suggested that an organisation is set up.

In Portugal, specialised rescue awareness was lacking and the International Standards for Search and Rescue was not being followed.  The current director understood that several technical errors were present in the manuals of technical rescue education back then.  Furthermore, the number of specialised rescue technicians was insufficient particularly in disciplines related to vertical rescue, collapsed structures, floodings, canyon rescue, and other rescue scenarios (e.g. snow / ice scenario and urban / hostile environments).

Hence, the primary mission of the EPS is to provide specific training in the aforementioned disciplines for both members of the public as well as for members of private entities.  The EPS has raised the standards of rescue and safety for operators, technicians and supervisors involved in rescue to ensure that they do not become victims themselves but are sufficiently proficient in such operations in line with international standards.

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