efru-logoThe Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU) is a relatively young non-governmental and non-profit rescue organisation run entirely by volunteers.  The Unit was founded in June 2006 and is based in the Mediterranean island of Malta.

The EFRU was primarily set up to provide emergency rescue services as a backup to the constituted authorities in case of national catastrophes such as earthquakes, major disasters, airplane crashes, floods, and similar occurrences. Specializing in Basic and Advanced Rescue; Cliff Rescue; High Angle Rescue; Basic and Advanced Fire-Fighting; Rescue Diving, USAR and First Aid; the unit is also equipped to offer its services to commercial and other charitable organizations who may, from time to time, request its assistance be it on land or sea. The EFRU also assists other entities through the ‘Community Assistance Program’ (C.A.P.). This has been created for the benefit of charitable and youth organisations and is committed to be of assistance whenever needed. This positive attitude is reflected in the Unit’s motto ‘Taking Pride in Helping Others’.

Volunteer members of the EFRU attend toweekly training sessions to keep abreast with the techniques and skills required in the various rescue disciplines. The organisation has different personnel specialised in the aforementioned rescue disciplines. In the past years, the Unit has worked relentlessly to build a strong team, capable of assisting the local Civil Protection Department in many different ways. It is the Unit’saim to keep providing this firm shoulder and consolidate further the assistance that the EFRU offers abroad.  It is the latter aim that drove the EFRU towards twinning with other similar volunteer organisations around Europe and hence its decision to be part of the birth of EURO SAR.

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