cyprus-logoThe Cyprus Civil Protection Volunteer Corps (CCPVC) is a non-governmental organization, based in Larnaca, Cyprus.  It has been established in 2013 with the aim of providing humanitarian assistance to citizens in need. Today, one year following its founding, CCPVC is constituted by 40 active members.

The CCPVC aims at assisting governmental agencies as well as other NGOs in their work relating to civil protection.  Such assistance relates to emergency situations involving earthquakes, floods, storms, technological accidents, fires and any other major incidents.   The primary rescue specialization of the CCPVC is USAR.  This is a very important specialization in Cyprus, as this island lies in a highly active seismic region.  Furthermore, this organization is also proficient in wild firefighting, and again, this is highly relevant in Cyprus particularly during the dry season.

Of particular note is the specialized medical team that forms part of the CCPVC.  All of the members in this team are also volunteers but they have a solid technical background through their medical profession.  This is a very strong and critical element within the CCPVC volunteer team.