Beirut Blast Response

August 10, 2020 in Humanitarian Aid, International Deployment by Administrator

Following news of the state of emergency being declared after an explosion in Beirut, EVOLSAR member teams have put themselves on high alert.  When international assistance was requested by the government of Lebanon our member teams have reported to their respective governments and international bodies.

As a result, the following teams were requested to deploy to Beirut:

International emergency Firefighters (PUI), an INSARAG-qualified team from France has deployed 20 volunteers with search dogs, drones and other necessary search and medical equipment.

SARAID from United Kingdom deployed a team of 6 structural engineers and USAR operatives to provide a much-needed professional engineering and damage assessment.  Following the initial situation assessment, a second wave of five (5) volunteers was deployed to Beirut.

Other teams remained on standby. During the state of alert SAR-TEAM from Portugal took an opportunity to simulate deployment to international disaster and exercised mobilization of its personnel.

Deployed teams continuously provide in-depth information from the disaster area to other member teams, which will definitely help to reinforce professional standard of all teams. Experience that they bring home will be disseminated to others during joint exercises organized by EVOLSAR.

As an example of such results of EVOLSAR’s continuous efforts is the fact that upon arrival SARAID was asked to work alongside another volunteer firefighter team – @fire from Germany. These two teams have already learnt how to work together during previous collaboration between the teams and also during one EVOLSAR simulation.

All of the above shows that EVOLSAR is on the right path to bring together volunteer rescue organizations from all over Europe to strengthen them through unity and multi-disciplinary training.

Above all, the main goal of all our members is to provide relief to affected populations quicker, in bigger numbers and on at professional standards. Our thought and prayers go to the people of Lebanon.


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