Balkan Floods Deployment – 8th June 2014

June 8, 2014 in International Deployment by Administrator

EURO SAR was established on the 10th of May 2014 with the sole aim of assisting the European and neighboring territory in the case of emergencies. Just a few days later, floods occurred in the Southeastern part of Europe, affecting Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina badly.

Immediately EURO SAR members EP.OM.E.A. (Greece), EPS SAR TEAM Portugal, Edelweiss Italy, CCPVC Cyprus and a prospective team member from the UK offered their assistance in rescue. As the Serbian situation unfolded, a fellow Serbian rescue team communicated the need of humanitarian aid.

The Greek team EP.OM.E.A. geared their logistical preparations in this regard and deployed to Serbia on the 29th of May. Their mission in the Serbian territory is still ongoing. Malta’s EFRU, currently holding the presidency for EURO SAR, took the responsibility for any communication among EURO SAR team members and other fellow teams.